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December 2007



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valiser in blackwaterstory

Wrong Choice of Words

I was born in a small hut, in one of the many acres that span across the land we call the 'Redridge Mountains'. It was a piece of kodo poop, I assure you. My mother and my father took anything, though. He spent his days away, fighting hard for the bloodly 'Alliance'. Such a valiant hero he was... not really. That bastard left my mother for his own adventures. But let's not delve into this story too fast.

They were obviously 'blinded by love'. They were apparently 'happy'. But living in the slums so my Father could achieve his aspirations was not happy. That was obvious. But somehow, they managed to live through life just perfectly. Until I came, of course.

I, personally, am very happy I ruint their lives. They deserved it. I changed things.

I think you could also argue that the Well changed things just as well as I did. Father heard word of a silly 'Well of Life', which makes a mortal man live forever. This was obviously a hoax... no one could live immortal, unless imbued with the powers of the Aspects themselves. The man would not believe this was true. He wanted him and April to live forever, happy together.

I, and April, both knew this was a bad idea.

We, a group of bums and myself, finally came across a well containing glowing liquid, but the well was quickly dried by the empty flasks that the bums brought. The flasks too were emptyed by them all. They spent the night celebrating the discovery, drinking themselves silly. 

We escaped, and thank the lord we did.

April and I found a smelly room in the Pig & Whistle Tavern, and slept safely for the rest of the night.


I've learned from the best, and I really do appreciate this fact. 

I've learned to never trust anyone.

I've learned that everyone has something to offer.

Mostly gold, though.

I made many contributions in the city of Stormwind. Why, without me, everyone would have empty coin purses. And no one enjoys empty coin-purses.

I consider myself a hero.


Thanks to me, we got a safe place in the Old Town, and lived a rather peaceful life. I do admit, it was rather odd without a interesting 'turn of events'. But I guess I was glad. Kind of.

No. That's not the right choice of words... I...I mean, I guess I am glad that he came back.


I wasn't glad.